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San Francisco is a beautiful and diverse city. It’s a cool, lively and energetic place full of history and lots of fantastic food, which reconciles its hippie roots with its Moderna and tech scene. It is home to hippies, students, artists, entrepreneurs and sizeable immigrant communities. All this combined to create one of the best metropolitan cities in the country.

However, it is also one of the most expensive.

I’ve been visiting San Francisco for a decade and have stayed in dozens of hostels, hotels and airbnbs. Since SF is so expensive, hostels are the best option here. Fortunately, it has a growing hostel scene, so you can find affordable accommodation.

1. HI San Francisco – Downtown

Hi downtown organizes many events, including pub crawls, trips to nearby Muir Woods and Yosemite, and bike rides on the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s a fun, social hostel with decent beds (but no privacy curtains) and plenty of storage space so you can lock up your belongings and keep them safe. They also have a fully equipped kitchen, several board games and are wheelchair accessible. The WiFi is fast and the private rooms are also large.

2. Green turtle hostel

As one of the oldest dormitories in the city, this dorm is an institution in San Francisco. It also offers free breakfast, free dinner and a free sauna several times a week! It has a spacious common room, so it is easy to meet people and has a very fun, social atmosphere. There is a pool table, lots of games (like giant Jenga and table football) and musical instruments if you want to jam. Wooden bunks are simple (thick mattresses, not curtains), but comfortable. This is my favorite hostel in SF (and one of my favorites in the whole country).

3. HI San Francisco – Fisherman’s Wharf

This is another great hostel HI. It has many common rooms (making it easy to relax and meet people), the staff organizes many events (such as bike tours, museum tours and bar tours), there is free breakfast and even a small theater for watching movies.

The beds are nothing special (the mattresses are thin and there are no curtains), but there is a cafe on site (with reasonable prices), dormitories for women only, and the hostel is kept clean and tidy.

4. Samesun San Francisco

Located close to the pier and just a short walk from Fisherman’s Wharf, Samesun offers spacious private rooms and smaller dormitories. Many rooms (including dormitories) have a balcony, and all rooms have a private bathroom. There is also free parking in the in-house garages, a rarity in San Francisco.

The only drawback is that there is no real common room, so it is not the best hostel for making friends. However, they will soon be rebuilt and more common rooms will be added, as well as a kitchen.

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