Ideas of Things to See and Do in Girona

From lively Barcelona to island paradises such as Mallorca and the Great Canaries to the historic cities of Andalusia, Spain is breathtaking. It is one of my favorite countries in the world and one of the most economical in Europe.

But there is one city that captures my love for the country more: Girona.

Home to just over 100,000 people and just 45 minutes from Barcelona, Girona is home to a well-preserved Jewish quarter, old winding streets and a walkable medieval wall. With a lot of green space, colorful buildings and a perfect climate, Girona is one of my favorite places in Spain.

Girona is more famous these days because Game of Thrones was filmed there, but this small town, just 30 minutes from Barcelona, remains a bit off the overcome track and free from the crowds that sometimes make Barcelona unbearable. There is good food, lots to do and nice people. I can’t sing the praises of the city enough

1. Explore the Old Quarter

The old town of Girona (Barri Vell) is located next to the Onyar River. This district is home to some of the most popular and well-preserved historical sites in Girona. Full of medieval architecture, colorful old houses and picturesque bridges, but without the crowds of Barcelona, this is my favorite area for walking.

You can explore it yourself and enjoy getting lost, but first, also check out the tours offered by Girona Walks so that you can learn more about this part of the city and its evolution over the centuries.

2. Marvel at the Cathedral of Girona

Built in the XVIII century, the Cathedral of Santa María de Girona dominates the city. It is the second widest church in the world, with almost 23 m (75 ft) wide, only St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican is wider. (He also appeared in Game of Thrones!)

The interior is not particularly richly decorated and looks strict, but it is quiet, and there is a lot of information and a good audio guide.

3. Tour the Arab Baths

These preserved public baths were built in 1194. Its Romanesque style was inspired by similar Roman and Arabic baths and was built in response to the growing population of old Girona and the need to improve hygiene.

While you can’t use the toilets actually, you can take a self-guided Tour to see how the toilet in the middle ages was like. The building is covered by a large vaulted ceiling and features a cold-water bath, hot water bath, and changing rooms.

4. Walk Along the Eiffel Bridge

The Palanques Blancas y Rojas Bridge, also known as the Eiffel Bridge, was built in 1827 by Gustave Eiffel shortly before the construction of his most famous work, the Eiffel Tower. It is located on the Onyar River and is a great place to take pictures of the colorful buildings of the Old Town. I often try to cross this bridge, simply because the view is so beautiful!

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