Latest Hostels in San Jose Costa Rica

Costa Rica was the first place I visited and started a journey that would eventually take me all over the world and start my career as a travel writer. Since that first trip I have returned several times, attracted by the friendly people, the cloud forests, the wildlife and the excellent beaches.

San José is the starting point for most visitors to the country, as it is the capital of the nation and an important international center. Most likely, you will be here for a couple of days, while settling down, before going for a walk, relaxing on the beach and enjoying the lush and picturesque scenery.

1. Selina San Jose

This vibrant and ultra-cool hostel is one of the newest locations of the popular Selina hostel chain. The hotel is located in the historic Otoya Neighborhood, a quiet neighborhood next to the city center and the Moderna Escalante.No you will be able to move around the city for a long time during your stay.

There is also a lot to do at the hostel, as Selina hostels are known for their social atmosphere. This place offers daily activities ranging from Latin American dance classes and live DJ to bodyweight training classes, yoga and movie nights in its cozy movie theater. There are also plenty of common areas, a fully equipped kitchen, a lending library and, as with most Selina locations, a coworking space in matter you need to be productive.

Selina knows what travelers need, so you will find all Moderna comforts here. The bunk beds are comfortable and have privacy curtains, reading lights and individual sockets so you can keep your electronic devices charged. The impression of the shower is excellent, and there are also a variety of private rooms, from affordable options with shared bathrooms to full-fledged luxury suites.

2. Capital Hostel de Ciudad

This hostel is another great option if you are looking for something more exclusive. A quiet hostel with cozy beds and a lot of common space, a terrace for barbecue and yoga, a games room with a pool table and a projector for watching movies, as well as a fully equipped kitchen. It also has a living space, which makes it a good option for anyone working remotely.

The mattresses are quite thick and the beds in the dormitory have privacy curtains, multiple exits and even single fans to keep you cool all night long. Overall, it offers a good balance between a relaxed but social hostel. It is located near the large city park Sabana in a residential area, which is only 15 minutes by taxi / uber from the city center or the airport.

3. Costa Rica Backpackers

This was the first backpacker hostel to open in Costa Rica (it opened in 2001!). It is a lively and social hostel that is popular with younger backpackers/partygoers. It has a swimming pool, a bar and organises excursions and activities. Breakfast is not included, but there is free coffee throughout the day. The beds are not the best (the mattresses are thin and the bunk beds squeak), but there are privacy curtains, individual lockers, USB ports and reading lamps.

While the bathrooms are small and could use an upgrade, it is the lowest hostel in San Jose. If you are on a tight budget and want to party, this is the place for you!

4. Hostel del Paseo

More than a budget hotel, this hostel does not have a great social atmosphere, but it is quiet and clean and the staff is very helpful. There’s a large common room with lots of games and movies, the free breakfast is pretty good, and the dorms are limited to eight beds, so you’re never crowded with a lot of other people. While the beds do not have curtains, the mattresses are thick and comfortable, so you can sleep well. Private air-conditioned rooms are also available if you prefer more privacy and comfort.

It is within walking distance from the center and there is a bus stop nearby with buses that go directly to the airport if you go forward.

5. TripOn Open House

This Moderna and social hostel is located near the Moderna Escalante Neighborhood with its countless bars and restaurants. TripOn offers a free breakfast every morning and also arranges inexpensive transfers to the airport (which is only 30 minutes away). The beds are comfortable, with curtains for privacy, and there are plenty of common areas to hang out and socialize.

There are also hammocks outside to relax, video games and a fully equipped kitchen if you want to cook your own food. While some rooms could be updated, it’s a really fun place, which is also one of the lowest hostels in San Jose.

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