Must Visit Worth Once Cities in Italy

There are so many cities in Italy that are worth visiting, but so many tourists visit the same ones over and over again: Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, Naples. These cities are fantastic, but they are far from everything Italy has to offer.

I have traveled a lot in Italy for about 20 years, I have lived in Italy, I have visited Italy several times a year and I have explored the 20 regions of the country.

Over the years I have fallen in love with Bologna, Palermo, Naples and Parma just to start! And it seems to be a new city every month!

I wish more people knew about Italy, how diverse its cities can be. Italy joined only in 1861; I promise you, the majestic Swiss-flavored Turin feels like a different country from the wild Catania bordering the volcano. Even quiet Trento, surrounded by mountains (I met my husband there!) it is far from the stylish and Moderna Milan, not far.

No matter which region of Italy you want to explore, be it Tuscany, Puglia or Piedmont, I encourage you to visit some cities that you didn’t know much about before. The most famous cities in Italy do not tell the whole story, and there is a lot of adventure waiting for you in the smaller cities of Italy.

Best Cities in Italy to Visit


Naples is wild, naughty and more fun than you thought a city could be. Italy’s third largest city and unofficial capital of the South is famous for pizza and pastries, underground tunnels and royal palaces, stunning churches and the most vibrant street life in the country.

Naples has a bit of a reputation for being a bit noisy, a bit dirty, a bit carefree. Don’t let that stop you: Naples’ extreme simplicity makes it one of the most practical places in the country. And you get an excellent price-quality ratio here.

One of the most unforgettable experiences in Naples is eating pizza. Of course, it was in Naples that pizza was made for the first time, and here you will have access to the best ingredients, from buffalo mozzarella from the nearby Cilento region to San Marzano tomatoes grown on Mount Vesuvius.
My favorite places to eat pizza are two of the most famous: Pizzeria Da Michele and Sorbillo. And if you want to make pizza yourself, there are a lot of fun pizza classes.

Naples is also an excellent starting point for day trips throughout Campania, from the ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum to the stunning Amalfi coast and the islands of Capri, Ischia and Procida.

Where to stay in Naples: One of my favorite mid-range Moderna accommodations is Sanfelice 33 Luxury Suites, which is located near the historic city center with colorful and modern rooms and balconies overlooking the vibrant street life.


The city of Florence, or Florence in Italian, is a city full of art, history and beauty. It is located in the heart of Tuscany, about 145 miles (230 kilometers) northwest of Rome, surrounded by hills and valleys. The city is divided by the Arno River, with the historical center located on the north side of the river.

What makes Florence so special is its incredible artistic and architectural wealth. The city has some of the largest museums and galleries in the world, such as the Uffizi Gallery, where some of the most important works of the Renaissance are exhibited, and the Accademia Gallery, where Michelangelo’s David sculpture is exhibited.

An unforgettable experience in Florence is the ascent to the famous Duomo, the impressive cathedral with marble slabs in various shades of green and pink, edged with white, dominating the city skyline. Its huge brick dome is the largest ever built. From the top, visitors can enjoy an impressive view of the city – the challenging ascent over the 463 steps is well worth it.

And as the capital of Tuscany, there are many day trips from Florence that will take you through the picturesque region, from the rival city of Siena to the Chianti plonk region.

Places to stay in Florence: Since the historical center of Florence is small, staying there means that you will never be too far from the action. For those who are looking for alternative accommodation, the Bohemian Oltrarno district is a good option. As the name suggests, it is located on the “other” (southern) side of the Arno and is a bit quieter and less touristy than the city center.


Rome, the capital of Italy, occupies a special place in history and is known for its rich cultural heritage and contributions to art, architecture, politics and Western civilization.

Rome has existed for more than 2,500 years, which gives it the nickname “Eternal City”, and this one can be found in every corner of the city. In a minute you will be walking in a Moderna town and then you will see the iconic Colosseum. Spending three days in Rome is enough time to get to know the city and see most of the highlights. The Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill are a breathtaking way to literally wander through time and experience ancient Rome.

There are also many museums that will captivate all travelers. Castel Sant’Angelo is a beautiful building in itself with a panoramic view of Rome, but it is a five-story museum with secret corridors and ancient catapults. Art lovers will enjoy the Borghese Gallery and the Roman National Museum, which show the city throughout history.

A trip to Rome would not be complete without a culinary tour. A tour will give you an idea of the neighborhoods and the history of the dishes. Then try making traditional Roman dishes such as cacio e pepe or pasta carbonara. End the day with a refreshing ice cream in one of the many squares of the city or at the beautiful Trevi Fountain.

No matter what you do in Rome, you will agree with me that the romantic charm of the city is undeniable. The cobbled streets, the historic buildings and the delicious food create a charming atmosphere that is hard to fall in love with.

Places to stay in Rome: Every traveler is different, and I (Kate) encourage you to read our guide to places to stay in Rome so that you can find the most suitable neighborhood for you.

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