See Defense Of Vegas And Maligned Destinations

If you are like me, you probably have preconceived ideas about certain goals. Whether from books, movies, magazines or blogs, every time we think of these places, certain scenes, sounds, smells and images pop up in our heads, even if they have never been there before.

It is a natural human trait.

We use the available information to form an opinion and fill in our blind spots.

If you ask me what Beijing is like, I would say it is polluted, crowded and chaotic. I can imagine that I can’t see the building in front of me, the crowded streets, the chaotic markets (but give me all that food!), crazy traffic and a lot of people on bicycles.

But I’ve never been to Beijing, so I really have no idea. That’s just the image I have in my head when I’ve read and heard about the city over the years.

Last month I asked on Twitter which popular places people would not visit and why. Vegas has risen a lot. So are the Disney Parks, Paris, Mexico and India.

Just as I have a preconceived image of Beijing, people had preconceived images of these places.

But what surprised me the most was not the destinations, but how their reasons were based on sensational headlines and cultural stereotypes.

These stereotypes defined these goals so much that people didn’t even want to see if they were right or wrong (they are mostly wrong).

People didn’t want to go to Vegas because they thought it was all casinos and the Strip, Mexico or India for security reasons, or Paris because of the crowds and the “rude French”.””

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